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Natalia Shichanina

Sales Director

In Moscow, there appear more and more parks and gardens, where nature and freedom of creativity represent a ogranic whole. But perhaps the Moscow Hermitage Garden keeps the most intimate memories of the past cultural life of Moscow. It is the Hermitage Garden that saw the first wave of conductor Sergey Rachmaninov’s wand, heard Fyodor Chaliapin’s bass and Leonid Sobinov’s tenor. It was here that the Moscow Art Theatre first opened and Chekhov’s plays premiered. The garden’s paths remember the steps of Leo Tolstoy and Vladimir Vysotsky, Leonid. Utesov and Arkadiy Raikin. It was here that the first ever round of "What? Where? When?” game was played. At all times, the Hermitage garden was the center of attraction of the cultural and intellectual elite of Moscow. There is no place here for triviality, pathos or hollow bombast, the very air is saturated with freedom of expression and respect for talent.



It is important for any parents to know in which atmosphere their child will grow and be educated. After all, people, events, lifestyle, visual aesthetics of the surrounding world –- everything affects the development of personality. The more opportunities are open to a little person, the more easier he or she will see his or her way and choose lifework. In the vicinity of the Chekhov house there are more than enough educational, sports and entertainment facilities for various interesting activities and fun. A winter skating rink, special educational programs and festivals in the Hermitage garden – even the most restless and inquisitive children are unlikely to be
bored here.